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Thursday, October 19, 2006

my first entry. yay!

Hi. This is my first official post to my first ever blog. Here I hope to share my crochet and knit projects.... maybe even some other craftiness. As well as tidbits of my life, which should be interesting to hear about since my husband and I have crazy families. Mine more than his. :)
I have been spending the last couple of days hunting for Super Mario Bros. graphs or patterns and came across some unique graphs. My son is a huge mario fan. Don't know why but one day he decided it was his "thing". So, he will be getting something for Christmas with mario stitched on it. I am thinking a scarf or pillow since I can't finish I graphed afghan in two months.
My husband is going to receive a scarf with pacman on the ends. I will post pics of my progress once they get under way.
I have also been playing with a knitted wrist/arm warmer pattern. I've been trying to design one but so far the one I made was too big....... will keep you posted. Since my little one is crying I will end my first post. Hope you enjoy stopping in when you can.